Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Top 10 Hawaiian Shirt Websites on Page 10 of Google

 Today we are visiting the murky depths of page 10 of Googles search results, yep that place that rarely gets visited by anyone. So today I did a search of the word Hawaiian shirts to see not only where was listed, but the less fortunate as well.

Top 10 Hawaiian Shirt Websites on Page 10 of Google are as follows:
  1. "honestly its a awful website, as soon as the website opens they hit you with a full screen video. When you do make it to the article titled "Game improvement: Hawaiian shirts aren't only for luaus" there is a 1 paragraph blurb on how a Hawaiian shirt can improve your golf game. though I believe lots of practice will serve you better.
  2. Titled "5 Hawaiian Shirts That’ll Ensure You Dominate This Spring" this page is one ginormous ad for a Hawaiian shirt retailer, enough said.
  3. another garbage website, first visit hammers you with one giant ad. I can easily see why its buried in the back of the internet.
  4. Titled "Embrace The Hawaiian Shirt" it appears to be a blog post that rambles on about clothing choices and personal hygiene or something.
  5. site belongs to a Hawaiian shirt wholesaler but it super hard to navigate and doesn't look very user friendly.
  6. The Next Big Trend Is Already Lurking in Your Parents' Closet its one of those BS fashion blogs that wants you to think their models depict what the future of Hawaiian fashion in going to look like. The reality is that its lip service for their advertisers 
  7. Diane Kruger Makes Hawaiian Shirts Look Cool—No, Really She has odd looking legs
  8.  A Beginner’s Guide To Hawaiian Shirts AKA images of washed up Hollywood actors wearing Hawaiian shirts
  9. From Elvis to Balenciaga: five ways to wear a Hawaiian shirt Yawn... another site like #8 on my list
  10. and I end my painful journey with a competitor website, not sure a link will help them any but its the thought that counts, correct?
If you dared to visit even a few of those websites it becomes clear as to why they are way back on page 10. Personally if our company site ever looked like one of those and we couldn't correct the issues, we would seriously consider pulling the plug on it. IMO Hawaiian themed websites should look as fun as the shirts they sell, not laden with popups and ads.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Pink, not the Singer

Pink Hawaiian shirt
Pink Hawaiian shirt
A quick Google of the word Pink brings up Victoria's Secret, as well as Pink, the singer, but nothing about the actual color pink, not even an image.

I know its a odd thing to point out, but remember its us, the shirt makers from space. Rocket science say that this post is going to be about something pink, a new pink Hawaiian shirt to be exact.

The shirt pictured is our latest release and probably the last one for the year 2016 though we will probably work through December on a few re-releases of some of our past designs. One that wont be back in the lineup is the design we called pink waterfalls. While it was a fairly popular design with the ladies, it was a rayon blend and we are no longer offering rayon blends in our line.

Bu the new pink Hawaiian shirt pictured in this post is going to be well received. The shirt is 100% cotton and the allover print is balanced quite well, the Plumeria flowers are not too big and not too small, lending to a design that doesn't have a "focal point" when worn. That's it for now and don't forget that we have a introduced a lot of new women's design over the summer, our complete line of womens Hawaiian shirts are found on our website as well as the new pink shirt on Wave Shoppe Amazon where we sell Wave Shoppe labeled clothing such as shirts and muumuus.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Zombie Apocalypse Fashion

What will you wear for the upcoming October zombie apocalypse? In a year where everything seems to have go to hell in a handbasket it’s time to prep for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. This Halloween is a good time for a dress rehearsal for things to come.

Sure you can dress up as a bumble bee or a SpongeBob and even a fairy (male or female). We also have more traditional stuff like skeleton and homemade pumpkin outfits.

Lets also mention that tore up looking Hillary Clinton Halloween masks and Donald Trump Halloween masks will also be at the top of many voters lists.

Lastly even looking like elves is quite easily achieved with some green tights and green makeup.

But the cool people will be dressed up as zombies tourists from Hawaii. All it takes are some colorful Hawaiian shirts and a little bit of costume makeup which is readily available from places like Party City or WalMart.

If you don't have a girlfriend to help you, go online to YouTube, they have a lot of video tutorials on how to apply zombie makeup, those videos can really help remove some of the guesswork.

I like the Hawaiian tourist zombie concept because it s bit of a paradox, you have the fun loving, roving Hawaiian tourist that's also a moping groaning zombie! Remember zombies don't need any props, they all wear wearing the very same clothes they had on when they turned, all you have to do is make them look tore up and bloody looking. You know all those bruises and cuts stem from walking into each other and other inanimate objects, correct?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Get Funky with Hawaiian Clothing

I started this post with the mindset of posting some cool looking pictures of people, mainly men, looking 'funky' while wearing some cool tropical clothing similar to the Hawaiian shirts we offer on the Wave Shoppe web store. SO I went to Google images and started searching for some appropriate images.

I was a bit taken back by the flood of images that didn't contain anything more than a picture of a lone Hawaiian shirt. And before you say it, I don't consider someone wearing ill fitting clothing with a tropical print as funky. Actually I think many of these people they refer to as "models" are fashion disasters, but that's a post for another day.

4 funky monkeys at a Luau
So as I paged through the shirt images I finally came across something 'funky'. While it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, it was close enough. At least someone was creative enough to dress up their monkey in Hawaiian garb, hence transforming them into funky monkeys. So a tip of my beachcomber hat to the person that dreamed up the funky monkey luau setting.

Diane Kruger
But all is not lost! The ladies save the day with tis picture of Diane Kruger wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt with a simple black skirt.

Diane looks very nice, as well as looking funky. I should mention that while we don't offer this exact print on our website, we do offer a nice selection of womens Hawaiian shirts that are sure to please, as well as add a little funk to your life.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Wear Red on Labor Day

Red Hawaiian Shirt
There are many reasons people wear red on Labor Day, often its to show support for a cause and occasionally to show discontent for something.

But usually its just because it a good time of the year to wear read. I will wear a red Hawaiian shirt on Labor Day because the holiday marks the onset of fall and fall holidays. Dare I say Christmas.

The Red Hawaiian shirt pictured on the left is one of our latest masterpieces. What sets it apart from other red and white Hawaiian shirting is that it contains a more scenic depiction of Hawai'i vs the standard red and white shirt with hibiscus flowers.

This shirt has them too, but we feel the addition of islands, wahine (a Polynesian woman or wife, especially in Hawaii or New Zealand) and outrigger canoes, puts it in a class by itself. And best of all it's made in the USA as are all of Wave Shoppes Hawaiian shirts.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Piles of Colorful, Yet Ugly, Hawaiian Shirts

Pile of ugly Hawaiian shirts
When we say nothing will match on a ugly Hawaiian shirt from Wave Shoppe, we really mean it. Pictured above is a random shot of shirts getting ready for a final round of quality control before packaging.

In this last phase of QC we remove any loose threads that may have been missed by sewing and then we fully button all of the shirts to ensure that all of the buttons are secure, and that the button holes are properly cut. Once that's been completed the ugly Hawaiian shirts get placed in sealed polypropylene packaging, which protects the shirts during storage and shipping.

Our customers love these shirts, some have purchased as many as 3 just for themselves. They are awesome shirts to wear while BBQing and they are often purchased for use as retirement and birthday gifts. Of course if these shirts are a little too extreme for you, have a look at our more traditional line of mens Hawaiian shirts that are made in the USA

These garments are made from a mix of traditional and sometimes whimsical Hawaiian designs and every once in a while a sprinkle of something patriotic, like American flag material. As fabrics are retired we replace them with something new, which is then added to the fabric inventory that we use to make these extra ugly Hawaiian shirts. This way the shirts can evolve naturally, expect overall designs to change by as much as 50% in as little as 6 months.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Don Fracisco De Paula Marin Coffee in Hawaii

In 1813 Don Fracisco De Paula Marin, a Spaniard whom eventually became a confidant of Hawaiian King Kamehameha, recorded in his journal a story called "Manin". In that journal he noted that he had planted coffee on the island of Oahu.

Don Fracisco De Paula Marin had many passions and talents, one being he was a horticulturist, planting seedlings left by Spanish ships, unfortunately the first seedlings did not live. As the time passed by, Fracisco De Paula Marin again began diligently and successfully planting coffee in the islands. Then in 1825 royal governor Boki and a group of select local agricultural people brought plants from Brazil, and also successfully planted coffee in the valley of Manoa.

The coffee plants produced beans without any trouble. As the coffee plants kept growing and propagating, it eventually lead to all of the islands of Hawaii being introduced to coffee. As the coffee groves produced more and more delicately flavored brown beans, they also began to usher in a period for small factories to begin commercially processing coffee.

As this industry was further developing, the government successfully made the improvements that benefited the coffee groves, such as sound agricultural research, farming techniques unique to the geographical area. The coffee industry had great amount of support from everyone, to the point that it was prospering the Island.

Coffee in Hawaii was as popular as Hawaiian shirts from Wave Shoppe and macadamia nuts from Mauna Loa. Of course once coffee became a extremely popular as well as valuable commodity, the government soon decided that they needed to tax the daylight out of it.

One of the best known and rarer coffee plants is the Kona coffee plant. The price of this coffee was so high, that this alone made the Kona farmer's pretty famous through out the world. The Kona's brown coffee bean is now often blended outside of Hawaii.

This amazing coffee is been successfully selling in the markets since 1970. Even today Kona coffee is still the best tasting coffee in the islands.

While we do not offer a coffee themed shirt, we do have a beautiful brown coffee colored Hawaiian shirt in a mens cut (pictured above). Consider picking one up for yourself, the shirts are made in the USA and it will grow on you!


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Distressed Blue Hawaiian Shirts Come to Hawaii

Its hard to believe that it's already May and we're guessing that most of the country should be thawed out by now. With a thaw comes warmth, and everyone is probably starting to engage in more outdoor activities. Since we are in a warm weather area, we get to be outdoors constantly, it's a luau every weekend around here.

Of course not every day is a party, we too have to work, and we work very hard to keep up with our customers demands. Even though I admit that most of the work is coming up with new shirt designs that customers will like. But that not as easy as you think, in Hawaii we have to come up with designs that no one else has made and it has to have uniqueness and a cool factor to it, or people wont buy it. Its not uncommon to have a customer say I like that design, but I already have a shirt similar in design.

Having said that let us introduce us to one of our most recent releases, a Hawaiian shirt that the folks in the cutting shop refer to as the distressed blue Hawaiian shirt. In a nutshell distressed means having simulated marks of age and wear, the trick with this design was to make the shirt look well worn, while still looking brand new.

If you ask me the artist that did this design hit it out of the park. The coloring and balance in the design are perfect, and the distressed effect is quite well done. To take a good look at the distressed effect you will need to visit the company website and use the magnifying feature, which is made available for all products, all you need to do is place your mouse's cursor over any of the product images.

The distressed shirt is highly recommended not just because of the design, but also because it will match up so well with a myriad of pants colors. For most of the Spring and early summer we are going to focused on bringing out new designs for the guys and they can all be found on where else, but in our mens Hawaiian shirt department in the company online store.