Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Automobile Threads

It's pretty common to place a design or embroidered logo on a shirt to shows ones affiliation to a company or brand. But when you have a obsession for vehicles, such as automobiles, you go all out and get a shirt that looks like a billboard ad for your favorite auto. 

While we have certainly seen our share of t-shirts with a full spectrum of automotive themes, from my personal favorite, which were the shirts with big daddy Ed Roth's Rat Fink rat rods, to almost every make and model of classic car, its probably been put on a t-shirt.

But equally popular with the car crowd are Hawaiian shirts with cars which are adorned with everything from woody cars, to hot rods such as 5-widow ford coupes. While t-shirts are predominantly white, a Hawaiian shirt with automobiles can come in a myriad of colorways. White, blue and green are very popular colors with automobile enthusiasts.

Fontana Speedway wearing Wave Shoppe's white woody car Hawaiian shirts
Wave Shoppe's which are designed and manufactured in Hawaii. That particular shirt boasts a red woody car parked on a palm tree lined beach.

The designs and color combinations available are only limited by your imagination. Many of the Hawaiian car shirts contain secondary themes such a 50s diners, cruise nights, and of course imaginary beach themes. Ha, most of the classic cars I have seen at car shows would get stuck in the sand, so many designs are just pure fantasy.

One thing I have not seen on Hawaiian shirting as of yet are the expensive late model cars such as Cadillac SRX parked on the beach or a Cadillac CTX or the Audi A8 L W12 cruising town, but its possible that those cars and many others could actually make it into a Hawaiian shirt in the next 20 years or so. I mentioned Cadillac because at some point in our future the 55 Chevy's are going to step aside and those Cadillac models are going to become the new "classic Chevys".

And take note that shirts emblazoned with cars are not just for the guys, as you can see in the picture above, the are a lot of women working at the speedway and they wear all sorts of shirts with automobiles when they are at work.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hawaiian Shirts Last Forever and Other Fairy Tales

In todays topic we are going to discuss what it actually takes to manufacture well made clothing, though we will be sticking to our circle of expertise, which is manufacturing Hawaiian clothing. Our Hawaiian shirts will almost last forever, here is why:

At Wave Shoppe we offer our customers a variety of purchase options, you may purchase in-person at our retail store or you may purchase clothing online on our secure website. We primarily carry 3 clothing labels in our store, RJC, KY's and our own label, Wave Shoppe.

The major differences between the 3 labels we carry is that the RJC and KY's shirts are a camp style cut, meaning they do not have yolks and are open collar and do not button up to the neck. The Wave Shoppe shirts have yolks and under collars and button all the way up to the neck. We also apply fusible interfacing in key areas before sewing.

In short there are quite a few more components used to make Wave Shoppe's Hawaiian shirts for men vs. the camp shirts sold by others.

We firmly believe that the added components add a layer of sophistication to the shirts we manufacture, a comparable shirt would be the shirts made by Kahala, though our shirts are priced considerably less.

Material wise there is also a broad range of shirting utilized to construct Hawaiian shirts. Some shirting used in imported garments (as well as many garments sewn in Hawaii) has a noticeably lower thread count, which starts showing wear after just a few washings, imported shirts definitely wont last forever. All of our shirting used in the construction of the Hawaiian shirts sporting the colorful Wave Shoppe label is cotton poplin, which is a very durable, higher end cotton shirting.

But nothing lasts forever, even our shirts. All in all the shirts we sell in the showroom will last you quite a long time, longer than most of the Hawaiian shirts online. I have a few that are still looking good after 10 years of hard wear and tear.

We did promise you a fairy tale so here it is, on Amazon: The Emperor's New Clothes: A Fairy Tale (Little Pebbles)


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tropical Clothing is for all Species

With winter just around the corner you have to ask yourself, why get more tropical clothing, such as Hawaiian shirts, today? That's actually a pretty common question that's also relatively easy to answer.

Since humans are warm-blooded, we tend to design and surround ourselves with environments that incite warmth and coziness, and in many situations, tropical settings. You see it in our cars, our homes, and especially in our clothing choices.

Pick just about anyone living in a snowbelt state and ask them what they think of when its cold and snowy outside, if I was a betting man I would say they think of Spring or something tropical.

While you may find it odd that someone would be making snow angels while wearing a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, I am willing to bet that it has happened quite a few times. I have personally seen people snow skiing in shorts and Hawaiian shirts.

Ok so you say that's a guy thing? Nope, with the availability of brightly colored women's Hawaiian shirts on the internet, womens button-up shirts such as these womens purple Hawaiian shirts from Wave Shoppe's Ohana collection are giving the guys a run for their money.

Why if yopu don't believe me just go to any Jimmy Buffet concert, you will see a plethora of women wearing Hawaiian / Tropical garb and en mass. Be forwarned, the lady landsharks often choose colors and patterns so bright and bold that they are often eclipsing the mens tailgate wardrobes. And all in the name of charity, well, usually.

Save the manatee:

And on that note we wish to wrap things up with a picture of  one of our awesome (and charitable) customers taking the Polar Bear Plunge while wearing a one of a kind ugly Hawaiian shirt from Wave Shoppe's 2014 Ugly Shirt collection.

Take the plunge:


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hot Hawaiian Shirt Costumes for Halloween

Insane asylum Hawaiian shirt
Halloween is that one time of year that people are encouraged to dress like they came from an insane asylum, people dress up in everything from ghoulish to fairytale. For those that want something more in-between and are not morbidly interested in death or disaster, we recommend going Hawaiian. You can choose form an array of men's Hawaiian shirts on Wave Shoppe's website, though a few shirts stand out more than others. Below are our top 2 picks.
Men's orange Hawaiian shirt with parrots
Orange is a color that is symbolic of Halloween, thus a Orange Hawaiian shirt would be quite appropriate, especially for men. Sure it would be nice to have a Hawaiian shirt with pumpkins but you cant have everything, can you.

Men's ugly Hawaiian shirt
Of number 2 choice would be Wave Shoppe's world famous ugly Hawaiian shirt which is concocted from an array of non- matching, non- complimenting fabrics. If your looking to be viewed as hideous looking this Halloween we suggest choosing one of these shirts. Each ugly Hawaiian shirt is different from the next so you are insured to have a one of a kind Hawaiian Halloween themed costume.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Brown is not the official color of poverty

Today I was doing a little investigative reading on colors and ran across a Wikipedia entry that I just don't agree with.

"Brown is the color of dark wood or rich soil. It is a composite color made by combining red, black and yellow. The color is seen widely in nature, in wood, soil, and human hair color, eye color and skin pigmentation. In Europe and the United States, it is the color most often associated with plainness, humility, the rustic, and poverty. It is also, according to public opinion surveys in Europe and the United States, the least favorite color of the public."

They make the claim that brown is a color associated with poverty and that it is one of the least favorite colors in the USA and Europe. I have to disagree with that statement and question how they arrived at such a conclusion.

My first case in point would be stating that a tapa Hawaiian shirt is normally brown in color and brown Tapa cloth is highly prized color amongst collectors.

Explorer Captain Cook sure liked the color brown, in fact he was the first European to collect Tapa cloth and introduce it to the rest of the world. In Tonga, tapa is known as ngatu, and in Tonga it is of great social importance to the islanders, often being given as gifts. Hey, have some poverty brah (said no Tongan ever)

So off to the internet to do some more checking. I checked some home decorating sites as well as performed some simple searches for best colors, favorite colors, etc. and came up with this consensus: "The most popular color in the world is blue. The second favorite colors are red and green, followed by orange, brown and purple." So far, the fine people of the Internet sure don't indicate that the color brown is a disliked color. But you cant believe everything you read on the internet can you?

But wait, pictures don't lie, let's do some additional image searches for "poor people" and "poverty". While I saw a lot of poor people wearing clothing colors such as white, blue, and black, there was very little in the way of brown clothing.

And then I was thinking that chocolate is brown, does that have an association with poverty? Umm nope. What about coffee, its brown in color, is that a sign of poverty?

Even many famous, prestigious universities are built from brown bricks. Not grey or red bricks, but brown, that alone should tell you something about the color brown.

In the end I think the majority consensus on the Internet got it right this time, and Wikipedia is plain wrong. Whether it's colored artificially or naturally, brown is always considered a neutral, yet undeniably popular color. I will always view it as a color associated with nature and our beautiful planet earth and will never look at it as a color symbolic of poverty.

By now your saying to yourself "you didn't mention brown skin color" and your right, I didn't go there because this blog is primarily about product marketing, textiles and clothing trends, not racial issues.

Friday, August 8, 2014

List of Top Hawaiian Shirt Designs for 2014

With a plethora of Hawaiian prints (in sometimes up to 6 colorways) being churned out by this manufacture and that one, choosing a good design for your personal Hawaiian shirt can be a monumental task. Our approach to choosing what to print (or what not to print) is relative simple. When it comes to men's Hawaiian shirts we primarily think about how to match Hawaiian clothing as well as incorporating select customer demographics into our decision.

If we had to pick the top colors for men's Hawaiian shirts based solely on sales numbers we would have to say that blues, purples, greens, browns, and lastly honorable mention for whites, are amongst the top picks for 2014 Wave Shoppe’s most popular shirts in those colors are as follows:

Pictured on your left is a blue Hawaiian shirt with pineapples. A good choice for guys that like a bit of a toned down look that's not quite a reverse print.

Product URL

Next we have a beautiful purple Hawaiian shirt in a men's cut. This is a big customer favorite, especially with the men that wear khaki shorts, as well as wedding parties.

Product URL

Green is another  popular color that pairs up well with khaki or sage pants as well as looking good on men with brown or darker colored hair.

Product URL

Last, but not least, we have brown. Brown Hawaiian shirts are always sophisticated looking but when you incorporate a tribal design in to the shirt you end up with a more than stellar looking garment.

Product URL

Please note that replicating tapa shirts on cotton is the norm nowadays and the brown tapa Hawaiian shirt above is an extremely detailed and fine looking design on cotton.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Top 5 Father's Day Gifts (by a Dad)

There are no hard rules for any types of gift giving, and that also applies to Fathers Day gifts. Nonetheless fathers can be difficult to buy for, mainly because they are not usually very open about their feelings, desires, wants etc.

But being a dad myself as well as having a fairly well rounded appetite for variety, I thought I would offer some affordable, yet realistic suggestions for Father's Day gifts (solid choices that wont backfire on you).

Even if you have only observed dad for a few minutes a day, you can still come reasonably close to figuring out what he may like.

So below is my recommendations for affordable Father's Day gifts (in no particular order), as well as a few recommendations on where you could purchase it from.

  • If you have noticed that dads clothes look a bit greasy or that he smells like gasoline or diesel fuel he would probably appreciate some tools. If you have a good budget I would recommend a pre-boxed tool set like this 165-Pc for $89 sold by Sears or if you have a smaller budget check out the sets offer at auto parts stores like this 54-Pc for $39 sold by O'Reilly Auto Parts

  • Dad is usually missing in the morning and on the weekends and when you do see him, he is carrying a rod and box and smells like fish or beer or both. Odds are dad likes to fish and let me tell you right now, dads fishing equipment and tackle are sub par at best. big ticket items like new rods and reels can be tricky to purchase so I would take the safe route. 
  • My recommendation here would be for you to either buy him a nice gift certificate from your local fishing supply store or go online and get him a Bass Pro Shops Gift Certificate (my personal favorite). But if your dad is not tech savvy enough to use gift cards and you need to actually buy a fishing gift for him, I would recommend sticking with basic baits such as a handful of crankbaits from Bass Pro any of those colors listed will work on a wide variety of waters.
  • Dads constantly spotted in the crawlspace or under the sink or spend a lot of time in the attic? My guess here is that a new flash light will cause dear old dad to do backflips. My recommendation is twofold. First choice is a Maglight combo set sold by Home Depot for $50 and my second yet equal pick will be a spotlight such as this Stanley 10 watt sold by Walmart for $45. Don't be cheep on the light, the higher candle power and wattage the better. Many lights are re-chargeable and come with a car adapter, as well as a charger.

  • Clothing! Ha we all know that when faced with going clothes shopping that dad would rather wear his clothes until they literally turn to rags. You can approach this a few ways, but I always go for whacky t-shirts with sayings/designs or colorful Hawaiian shirts from a well known company such as Wave Shoppe or one of the many others found online. I would stick with online shopping because that's where you are going to find the largest variety of men's Hawaiian shirts.

  • Your dad more or less mopes around the house and spends most of his time watching television? Slippers to the rescue, yep house slippers are the ticket. Get the kind that have some sort of plush lining and can be easily slipped on and off like these Deer Stags from Zappos and how can you beat that price of $27 I mean in addition to the comfy slippers you will most likely be able to spring for a Fathers Day Card as well.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Aloha from Italy?

Every once in a while I run across something that myself or science for all that matters can not explain.

I ran across this image in a Google shopping ad and I just had to get more information on whom on earth would wear a Hawaiian shirt with a red bandana and skinny jeans.

To my dismay there is a online company selling Saint Laurent labeled silk Hawaiian shirts that are made in Italy of all places, and get this, they are only charging $890 for the shirt. OMG really?

I guess what I really want to say is that if there are that many punk ass bitch looking kids, that have so much money, to buy a ridiculous priced Hawaiian shirt made in Italy, then the world has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Sorry but that's just way to much money to spend on any type of clothing, not alone a Hawaiian shirt.

Even basic street gear from Aloha shirt shop sells for under $140 though people whom want more value and bang for their dollar tend to shop at places like Wave Shoppe Hawaiian shirts whereas the prices range between $38 and $48 for American made Hawaiian shirts (made in California and Hawaii).