Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is here and it heralds a busy season at the Wave Shoppe

Spring is here and it heralds a busy season at the Wave Shoppe.

I just love the first day of spring! Soon I will be planting a little garden outside our office and every year as I am planning it the conversation with the Hawaiian shirt King goes like this. “I cannot wait to plant my garden this year” says Peggy owner of the best Hawaiian apparel store in San Diego. Charles pipes in with “well don’t forget you need to water and weed the garden because I am too busy to do it”.

So I plant the garden and after the first week lose interest in it and of course Charles starts to water and then weed. Then he also brings in the vegetables, takes them home, cleans them and cooks them up.  Not sure why he bothers to tell me he won’t water and weed because we both know it is a task that will fall on him.

He is right about one thing we really are very, very busy because spring heralds the start of our busy season. Right now companies are looking for event shirts for the summer and we do supply a huge selection of event shirts that are used for company picnics, conventions, and company shirts. The fact that we make our shirts in the U.S.A. means we get a lot of orders from small business and unions and those companies that feel it is important to buy U.S.A. made products.

So while Charles will be busy in the garden, he is also available to help our wonderful potential customers who are looking for wholesale shirts for their event. You can reach him at 760-294-1765.
Boy Scouts of America troop visiting Hawaii wearing Hawaiian shirts purchased in bulk from Wave Shoppe


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

To Tuck or Not To Tuck – that is the question

Sometimes my customers ask me the craziest questions and todays’ customer wins the award. This gentleman comes into the store and bellows dramatically from the door “To Tuck or Not To Tuck! That is my question!

I have to say I was amused by his question as well as his dramatic flair but he really wanted to know so I kept my response to my standard answer of “there is not steadfast rule”.
I have been asked this question before and the answer is that we work really hard to make comfortable, colorful Hawaiian shirts here at the Wave Shoppe and we encourage our customers to wear their shirts a little loose and hanging down instead of tucking them in. 
After all a loose fitting shirt allows for air to flow through and keeps you cool and comfortable I did say at the end of our conversation the only thing we discourage you to do is wear one of our shirts and pair them with black crew socks and any type of sandals because that is just wrong on so many levels!!!!

So if you are reading this blog post and you wear sandals and black socks, instead of getting all dignified and letting me know why it ok in your opinion. I say to you “ Bruddah just get some Slippahs! 
Here is another article on how to wear a Hawaiian shirt (with more pictures of course).

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Parrots! I seem to be surrounded by them at work and at home. At the Wave Shoppe Hawaiian Shirt store in Escondido we sell Hawaiian shirts, muumuus, tropical dresses, tropical signs and we have some really cool, colorful parrot wind chimes among other things. The parrot wind chime sound is a tinkling of wood and really quite soothing and that is about the only soothing parrot I have ever heard.  

For some unknown reason I allowed my husband to talk me into getting an Umbrella Cockatoo. Anyone who knows me knows that I have always had a fear of birds. This stemmed from being attacked as a child by a giant macaw when I was 5 years old. I simply walked by this birds’ cage while playing with my friend and this bird jumped me and while he didn’t do any physical damage I was pretty scared and simply preferred to stay away from birds. Don’t get me wrong when I saw birds I did not freak out and run or anything embarrassing like that I just preferred to stay away from them especially parrots.
One day my husband told me he had found a reputable breeder who had a baby cockatoo and could we just go look at it? He said a baby cockatoo would be small and getting it small would enable me to grow comfortable with it by the time it was full grown so we headed out to just “look”. I didn’t find out until later that Charles had been to the bank the day before and funnily enough he had just the right amount of cash to buy that parrot in his wallet. By the way we adopted the bird and named him Coco and he was not small.

Baby Cockatoos are really big about the size of 6 canaries all together and they are expensive!!!!! Lifetime commitment as they live longer than humans do. They are messy, destructive, annoying attention grabbers but when they are loving and sweet they make up for all the negatives. My parrot sits on my shoulder and runs his claw through my hair giving me what my husband terms “googly eyes” he says he will have a problem with the bird when it begins to sing me Barry White songs!

So for all you parrot lovers out there. We invite you to hop in your car and take a drive to Downtown Escondido to come check out our wooden parrot chimes!

The chimes are only available in-store but they are really colorful and look good in patio areas, bars and poolside.

On the left is an actual picture of one of the parrot chimes we offer in the showroom.

And of course we have lots of Hawaiian shirts with parrots in an array of colors. One of our most popular parrot shirts are these orange Hawaiian shirts with parrots and we sell this particular shirt year round.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Dreaded Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitation said for all guests to dress in “Aloha Attire” as the wedding will take place on the beach and the elderly couple who visited my store last Saturday begged for advice on what to wear. “Aloha Attire” simply means that the men should wear a Hawaiian shirt and the women should wear a Hawaiian muumuu dress! Nothing to panic about, but some people are really concerned that they dress to the occasion. The wedding was the next day and this couple had been all over San Diego County looking for something tropical to wear and found us after their granddaughter did a Google search.  

Now I do know a little something about casual beach and Hawaiian weddings. I have probably worked with about 25 brides in the last 4 years and have become accustom to helping the bride and groom dress those who are in the wedding ceremony including bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearers, father and mother of the bride and groom etc. These events are typically casual, but most of the brides want a color coordinated look so that the wedding pictures come out looking great instead of too crazy!

My female customer was in her 70’s and after trying on quite a lot of clothing decided on the blue Hawaiian mid-calf muumuu we stock here at the Wave Shoppe showroom located in downtown Escondido on Kalmia Street. She was about 5’1 so the mid-calf muumuu fit her perfectly ending well above the ankle, so she didn’t have to worry about tripping on the hem like she would have if she would have worn our traditional long muumuu. I asked her what shoes she was pairing with it and when she said heels I discouraged her from that choice and suggested a pair of sandals that she could easily slip off and get rid of the sand that a beach wedding surely would bring.

Now the husband had been sitting in a chair patiently waiting for his wife, but he was getting bored. I know that look as he started to look like my Charles right before he bolts out of a store. So I suggested our white/blue Hawaiian shirt and he tried it on and it looks good with the blue Hawaiian mid-calf muumuu as the colors are complimentary. So voila they bought those items and exited the store very excited that they would look like a couple, but not match exactly.

I really do enjoy helping customers find what looks best on them and if you come to the store and don’t know what to choose just ask me. Beware; I am brutally honest, but you will look your best in the clothing I help you find.  


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A True Obama Care Story

First off let it be said that my wife and I are self-employed and pay 100% of our health care premiums. Last year we were told by our current insurance company that our rates were increasing by around $150 per person, which would would have made our combined monthly health care costs higher than our mortgage.

When every penny counts we found out that the same company offered slightly better insurance (benefits and deductible wise) in Obama care (covered California) and given the small monthly rebate, we reluctantly got on board. Fast forwarding past all the enrollment BS, we eventually received our new insurance cards and noticed that our current Dr was not listed on it.
After many calls to health net, our provider, we finally got through to a human being and were told that our Dr was not participating in covered California (Obama care) so that was why they assigned us a new one. Since it was not all that far from the house we decided to give things a chance and took a drive to meet the newly assigned Dr and check out the facility. When we got there we were simply shocked, the window dressing wasn’t even in my native language, below is a picture of the actual place, honestly we never got out of the car.

So we went back on their website and looked to see what our Dr options were. We reside in one of the largest cities in Southern California and there was exactly 10 doctors in my area that practiced at our local hospital. 4 were pediatricians, 2 were not taking new patients and I couldn’t pronounce the names of the others except for the last Dr on the list.
We went to meet the prospective new Dr we had signed up for online. When we walked in he had a sign above his ft. desk that said “restore the constitution” and I instantly knew he was the Dr for me. So in a insurance world that runs on referrals, I made my first appointment to get a referral to have my pacemaker service performed. They basically read the activity logs, check battery life and make calibration adjustments if needed
I said to the Dr “you know there are zero heart doctors in this plan” he said “yes, it will be interesting to see who picks this up”. Well it’s been 2 weeks now and I haven’t heard a thing. If this was a life threatening topic I would certainly go to the emergency room or go to a cardiologist and pay for it, but I think I will wait a little longer to see how all of this is going to pan out.
Personally I don't think this program will be sustainable and we will be forced to change insurance providers again. And you can be assured that when Obama care fails the insurance companies are not going to roll back the premiums to pre-Obama care rate hikes. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Actually that shirt does not look good on you….

Last week I had a man with bright red hair come into my store and tried on quite a few Hawaiian shirts. He was going on a first date with a new girl and they were going to a luau down in Pacific Beach. As he tried on shirt after shirt ,he kept asking my opinion about which ones looked the best on him. After trying several shirts he picked our Red Panel Hawaiian shirt and it is really bright red with beautiful yellow plumeria's on a vertical panel design.

The problem was this bright red shirt combined with his carrot red hair just didn’t go together. Here at the Wave Shoppe I have a lot of men come into the store shopping and if they don’t have a wife in tow I am the one they ask “does this look good on me”. 

A long, long time ago I decided I didn’t just want to sell them “any” shirt but sell them a shirt that looks good on them so sometimes I have to be brutally honest so I looked this customer in the eye and said “I would like to offer you my honest opinion that Hawaiian shirt clashes with your hair” He looked at me and said “Well I thought so too but I was going to see if you said it looked nice just to sell a shirt”

So we both started laughing and he asked me to pick the one I would pick for my husband if my husband was unfortunate enough to be a carrot top. So I picked our black traditional Hawaiian shirt with white vertical hibiscus flowers. It toned down his hair and he looked good in that shirt.

I guess the moral of this story is as a merchant do you want to just sell a shirt, or sell a shirt that looks good on your customer?


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wholesale Clothing Pricing

When you hear the words “wholesale pricing”, the first thing that comes to mind is that the prices offered will be less than the retail price. But wholesale pricing does not mean that you, the general public will be paying what the manufacturer sells it to a distributer for. Wholesale pricing is usually indicative of being sold at a price lower than retail, and you usually need to purchase more than one item to qualify for that price structure. Take for example Costco, while they sell you items at prices lower than retail, you usually need to buy in bulk such as a package of 8 steaks or a case of hash browns etc. Obviously your not paying what Costco pays, but nonetheless you do get a wholesale price on your purchases.
Another example is wholesale flowers, a company like wholesale flowers and supplies will sell to the public at wholesale price points, but it's certainly not what they pay for products as they are most likely a distributer for bulk products manufactured and or imported by other companies. While they buy in bulk to keep the pricing low enough to be called wholesale, you usually do not have to don't have to purchase an entire lot to get a good price, often you only have to buy one item. But usually your choices are limited to just one style or brand.

Hawaiian shirts sold at wholesale to a school group

The same applies to clothing and for all that matters most other goods. While you may feel that you should be able to buy factory direct because you have the money to do so, most manufactures will not sell to you at wholesale prices unless you are a licensed re-seller, and some request that you have related business. Groups needing Hawaiian shirts wholesale can purchase in bulk from Wave Shoppe Hawaiian shirts at prices that are slightly above cost to manufacture.
Forget about buying Hawaiian shirts for $5 as that is a price point from nearly 2 decades ago. And you have to be careful with whom you purchase from, some companies online offer shirts for $15.95 each, but they are made overseas, under who knows what kind of conditions, and sizing can be way off as much as an entire size. Wave Shoppe Hawaiian Shirts offers wholesale prices on bulk purchase and you can get men's as well as women's sizes, something many clothing wholesalers do not offer.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Tropical Shirts of Hawaii

Soon the weather is going shift gears and once again begins to warm much of the United States; it will be time for Hawaiian shirts. The warmth of the sun will begin to change people’s chemistry and make them crave good old fashioned outdoor BBQ or Luaus, think pit roasted pig or Kalua pork and mac salad with rice.

Even if people on the mainland cannot be in Hawaii, they still manage to do a good job of bringing the laid back lifestyle of the islands to their very own backyards. Anyone who has ever attended a Hawaiian themed party will attest to the fact that just about every man in attendance wears very colorful shirts, as well as shirts symbolic of Hawaiian or Polynesian culture.

The tropics are well represented in the fabrics utilized in the making of Hawaiian tropical shirts; you will find lush greenery, flowers, sea life, palm trees and even cool looking surf themes. After getting a few new shirt, most men or women only needs to add are flip-flops or a pair of beach sandals and shazam, you are ready for summer!

Women also get dig the Hawaiian styles. Women's whom like to wear women's Hawaiian shirts can choose form hundreds of designs on Hawaiian shirts made for women. Don’t forget the little ones, you can purchase boys Hawaiian outfits and shirts for children and matching girls Hawaiian dresses for little girls and tweens.

On Casual Fridays choose from Aloha shirts made by RJC Hawaii or KYs International, Milson Hawaii Fashion or Wave Shoppe, your guaranteed to be a fashion hit at the office.

During the summer, or any other time, enjoy the tropical, Hawaiian island look of the Hawaiian shirts that can be found while shopping at Wave Shoppe Hawaiian Shirts.