Thursday, January 24, 2019

Mona Loa Hawaii Shirts

Sales wise its always pretty slow around here in the wintertime, but be rest assured that we are working on bringing out new designs for our customers.

Right now we have 2 designs in sewing that are being released a size at a time.

The first colorway is a fiery orange colored Hawaiian shirt named orange mauna loa Hawaiian shirt.

Mauna Loa is one of five volcanoes that form the Island of Hawaii and a very appropriate name for this smoking hot looking Hawaiian shirt.

The fabric was sold as being red in color but its pretty obvious that its orange with splashes of red throughout the repeat.

The material is 100% cotton poplin and they are made in San Diego with the same loving care that all of our shirting receives!

The companion colorway is a subtle blue colored Hawaiian shirt named blue mauna loa Hawaiian shirt, we stuck with the naming convention because the largest volcano on earth isn't always erupting, sometimes its calm and at rest

Once we get these beautiful mens shirts released we will probably move on to some other projects and get some restocking done so were ready for the Spring rush.

Mahalo for all of your support and stay warm!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Tropicals in Oceanside California

Tropical plants bring Aloha to everyone's home and business. Now is a great time to catch up on your tropical landscaping and or interior decorating. Whenever possible we show our support for local, as well as like businesses. Today want to let you know about a company in Oceanside California named Aloha Topicals.

Aloha Tropicals stocks a large variety of tropical and subtropical plants and trees and vines and they will value you as a customer as well as treat you like family. We really like the shear variety of tropical fruit trees they offer. The website also has detailed yet easy to understand cultural directions for your purchases.

Check out Aloha Tropicals today!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Top 5 Hawaii Gifts to Give for Christmas

With Christmas just 3 weeks away its a good time to get in the gift giving mood. Most of our customers have a strong interest in Hawaii so it only make sense for us to give you our top picks for Hawaii themed gifts.

Homes in Hawaii do have fireplaces so lets start out with some ideas for stocking stuffers.

The first item on our list is a magnetic bottle opener with the Hawaiian Islands it. These "Hang Loose" openers are great stocking stuffers and are at home in the kitchen as well as a poolside bar.

You cant go wrong with one of these, the openers are heavy duty and clean easily.

These types of openers are really popular with professional bartenders!

Our next suggestion is give something quintessential to Hawaii, a dashboard doll playing ukulele in which are most often seen swaying around on someone's automobile dashboard.

Though many people also attach them to their golf carts, as well as pontoon boats, etc..

While the are many themes, styles and sizes available, most all dashboard dolls are spring loaded and have a adhesive base

So lets suggest one more idea for stocking stuffer geared towards a man. A brown marble kukui nut lei which never goes out of style and can be worn for any kind of occasion.

Regardless of color or pattern kukui nut leis are a must have mens accessory for a luau.

Adding that kukui nut leis are for men, as flower leis are more often worn by women.

Now we come to what is probably the most gifted item in Hawaii, at least when it comes to Hawaiian themed clothing. You guessed it, Hawaiian shirts for men of which totally eclipse all Hawaii gifts combined.

But we cant possibly tell you what print or color is best to gift, there are way to many cool designs and color combinations to choose from. But if you were going to play it safe you may want to consider a shirt with some of the basic elements.

In example, we suggest a mens shirt with bird of paradise flowers, islands, ocean, palm trees etc. and we chose blue because its a color that matches well with just about any color pants or shorts.

Of next suggestion is for the ladies, its also a tough one because you risk getting in trouble if you purchase the wrong item, size or style. If your dead set on giving womens clothing we wish you luck.

We would suggest that you think back about past trips to Hawaii and try to remember if the little lady wore a dress or a shirt or maybe just lounged around in a muumuu.

Personally we would suggest playing it safe and gifting a cool Hawaii beach bag because you just cant go wrong when you give a gift as useful as a new tote or bag.

Anyway we hope this short list of popular Hawaii gifts helps you and that you and your friends and family have a very merry Christmas!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Oahu Medley Shirts

Its Summer, and while customers wear Hawaiian print clothing year round, Summer is the dominant season for Aloha wear. That's also when Wave Shoppe starts releasing new clothing, I should say that this is clothing that we started on months before. To put that in better perspective, we are ordering fabrics this week for products we plan on releasing for the holidays. 

Last month we released the starter line of Hawaiian print Kaftans in which are proving to be very popular with our customers. Now we begun the process of adding new mens Hawaiian shirts to the company website and our 5 star rated Amazon store.

Oahu Medley Hawaiian Shirt
While we only have a few sizes completed, this blue shirt is available now. Our staff decided to name it Oahu Medley, mainly  because the print contains objects and colors that people closely associate with Oahu and the Hawaiian islands in general.

If we were to describe the shirt in more detail we would say that its a pretty straightforward, yet classic design with outrigger  canoes, surfer and longboard and Hawaiian foliage and flowers. 

The outstanding sizes for the Oahu Medley Hawaiian shirt should be added in a couple of weeks, then we move on to more upcoming releases of mens Hawaiian shirts.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Caftans or Kaftans?

Aloha, we hope everyone is having a awesome summer! We have been diligently working on a new womens dress line that will feature plus size kaftans in Hawaiian prints and some basic solids. myself I prefer to refer to them caftans with a "c" but I know of people that prefer to refer to them as kaftans with a "k". 

Authentic Caftan
One would think that finding a definitive answer online would be easy, but its not. I did find a piece from Wikipedia whereas the sentence starts out "A kaftan or caftan" but that is the only mention using a "c". Above the piece is a sentence that says "Caftan" redirects here.". Hmm I said, lets go see what the Caftan page looks like (see authentic Caftan image).

But to be brutally honest, it was not what I expected, nor wanted to see. I recently ran up a bunch of new products with the spelling as "caftans" and I now have a sinking feeling in my chest.

I guess there is no use in crying over spilt milk, I will just have to hunker down and redo all of the Kaftan pages on our website as well as re-do our online Amazon product catalog.

But if there is a ray of sunshine it is that we have just started introducing the Kaftan line and there isn't a big quantity of pages to update.

Authentic Kaftan
The turquoise on black kaftan pictured on the left is one of our new kaftan products in what should be a fairly extensive product line.

While there is a slight amount of shared style such as side slits and pullover style between the 2 garments, the similarity ends there.

One thing that we're going to offer are solid colored kaftans and then at some point offer standard size caftans in prints as well as solids.

But dont hold your breath as it will be quite some time before we get to making kaftans in smaller, standard sizes

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Haters are going to hate, the American Flag story

Aloha, normally we keep our noses out of politics and focused on our clothing brand, but today we are going to make an exception. As many of our customers will attest, Wave Shoppe produces a specialty shirt that is so messed up and ugly looking that it has been officially (and appropriately)  named the ugly Hawaiian shirt

Sample Ugly Shirt
The shirts are in step with patchwork shirts, we lay out 1 layer of each fabric on hand and then cut it up and make "patchwork" Hawaiian shirts from it. The designs and colors we use can be anything from traditional Hawaiian designs to some oddball prints like fabric with Santa or a old car, even the American Flag.

The story behind using flag material goes way back to when we started receiving requests for our service men and women for ugly shirts that contained something patriotic like the flag sewn into the mix. So being supportive of our service members we had no choice but to rise to the occasion and make them. Once word got out amongst the troops we had military contractors calling us wanting to buy Ugly Shirts in bulk. Even a general and his staff at Centcom wanted in on the action.


We also got a lot of requests from troops stationed in Afghanistan for shirts with not only the flag, but also cigars. They apparently had makeshift cigar clubs in the middle east and wanted to go all out. Yep, you guessed right, we added cigar material.
Cigar club

So noting the popularity of the flag material with our active military, we began to randomly include flag material during regular production, that way everyone has a small chance at getting flag in their shirt.

So a few weeks ago we sold a couple of Ugly Shirts on our Amazon store and about a week later we received a inquiry about returning the purchase. What bothered us is that the customer said they were returning the shirts not because of a defect, or that they simply didn't like them, but because of the flag material. They stated that they didn't like the American flag, even if it was upside down.

I will be honest, that comment made me angry. Having a grandfather that fled Czechoslovakia to come here to fight in WWI with the US Army, I couldn't believe someone took offence to our flag. I refunded the purchase in its entirety as soon as we received it from the customer, but its a dam shame that some in our society have become lost souls without conviction or patriotism.

As I thought more and more about this I decided that my reaction to all of this is to produce a higher percentage of Ugly Shirts with flag material. And if one day I have the capitol, maybe a ultra patriotic American Flag shirt composed of multiple flag styles/designs. One thing for sure, patriotism will not be a unspoken or forgotten word in our household or business.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Top 10 Hawaiian Shirt Websites on Page 10 of Google

 Today we are visiting the murky depths of page 10 of Googles search results, yep that place that rarely gets visited by anyone. So today I did a search of the word Hawaiian shirts to see not only where was listed, but the less fortunate as well.

Top 10 Hawaiian Shirt Websites on Page 10 of Google are as follows:
  1. "honestly its a awful website, as soon as the website opens they hit you with a full screen video. When you do make it to the article titled "Game improvement: Hawaiian shirts aren't only for luaus" there is a 1 paragraph blurb on how a Hawaiian shirt can improve your golf game. though I believe lots of practice will serve you better.
  2. Titled "5 Hawaiian Shirts That’ll Ensure You Dominate This Spring" this page is one ginormous ad for a Hawaiian shirt retailer, enough said.
  3. another garbage website, first visit hammers you with one giant ad. I can easily see why its buried in the back of the internet.
  4. Titled "Embrace The Hawaiian Shirt" it appears to be a blog post that rambles on about clothing choices and personal hygiene or something.
  5. site belongs to a Hawaiian shirt wholesaler but it super hard to navigate and doesn't look very user friendly.
  6. The Next Big Trend Is Already Lurking in Your Parents' Closet its one of those BS fashion blogs that wants you to think their models depict what the future of Hawaiian fashion in going to look like. The reality is that its lip service for their advertisers 
  7. Diane Kruger Makes Hawaiian Shirts Look Cool—No, Really She has odd looking legs
  8.  A Beginner’s Guide To Hawaiian Shirts AKA images of washed up Hollywood actors wearing Hawaiian shirts
  9. From Elvis to Balenciaga: five ways to wear a Hawaiian shirt Yawn... another site like #8 on my list
  10. and I end my painful journey with a competitor website, not sure a link will help them any but its the thought that counts, correct?
If you dared to visit even a few of those websites it becomes clear as to why they are way back on page 10. Personally if our company site ever looked like one of those and we couldn't correct the issues, we would seriously consider pulling the plug on it. IMO Hawaiian themed websites should look as fun as the shirts they sell, not laden with popups and ads.

Mona Loa Hawaii Shirts